Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It has been hot this past week. All of the heat has not made the trout fishing easy. Hot weather can mess with the timing of the bug hatches. When it is hot like it has been recently hatches and the spinner returns will happen well after dark. During hot weather the water temperatures can get too warm for even the bugs to hatch. Often water temperatures will need to cool off a little after dark before the bugs and fish will move. The same goes for the spinner returns, sometimes the air temperature needs to cool off. This will explain some of the on predictability of the timing of the hatches we been experiencing this past week.
For the Genesee River and Oatka Creek, with the heat lately most of the fishing really does not get going much before 7 p.m., once the sun gets off the water. As water temperatures slowly start to drop, fish activity picks up. I call this, fishing the B shift. The best fishing activity has been getting going about 8 p.m. obviously this all changes on cooler days, both the bugs and the fishing activities instantly change back to a normal schedule. The one cool spot in all this hot stuff is spring brook. The cool water of the springs keeps the water temperature consistently cool even in the hot weather we have been experiencing. As result nothing has changed with the timing of the hatches. There is a midmorning sulfur hatch followed by a late afternoon hatch of sulfur. There is also a blue wing olives coming off with the afternoon sulfurs, nothing like making the fishing on spring brook a little more complicated. When the bugs are not hatching, try fishing pink scads size 16 and midges in size 20. Most productive Midge pattern for me has been a little white and black Midge.
The bugs, on Oatka Creek and the Genesee River look for, gray Fox, March Browns, sulfurs, Caddis, blue wing olives. Spring brook, here it's mostly sulfurs and a few blue wing olives.

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