Sunday, May 16, 2010

We have received some decent rainfall over the last few days. This rain was desperately needed to bring a trout streams back up to a good level. In fact some of our streams need time to come back down before we can fish. The upper Genesee River is over the 5 foot mark at this time. Hopefully the water levels on the Genesee will drop off over the weekend. Water flows on Oatka Creek at this time is at 3.26 and still slowly rising, this is high but at a fishable level. Even though last couple of days the water had a very heavy stained color to it. For most people this will be considered on fishable. However for those of us who know, these are the conditions that we look forward to. High dirty water flows even in our trout streams can provide some of the best fishing of the year. Water conditions like this is ideal for streamer fishing and the streamer fishing has been outstanding the last couple of days. The best pattern I found is a size 6 or 8 black bunny Leach, of course black woolly bugger same size will also produce. The darker color stands out in the off-color water.
As for the bugs – we got bugs. Both light Caddis and sulpurs are now hatching on most of the trout streams, this includes Oatka Creek. As soon as the water flows, both drop and clear a little the dry fly fishing will be on. For now expect to see most of the hatches happening from mid day on to dark. When conditions are ideal there will most certainly a spinner fall. For now look for B.W.O size 18 and the standard mix of Midges on Springbrook. Sulpurs will soon be showing up here about a week or two, Springbrooks sulpurs are always about two weeks later then Oatka Creeks sulpurs.

I am back home fishing the local trout streams now. This is Oatka Creek, Springbrook and the upper Genesee River. If interested or have any questions feel free to call the fly shop at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436

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