Saturday, May 1, 2010

Over the past week we have not received the needed rainfall. As a result water flow on the Salmon River is now down to the summer minimum flow of 185 CFS. This is definitely low water flow. However things are not as bad as one would think. First of all low water will concentrate the dropping steelhead into the traditional pools and runs. This makes them easier to locate. Also low water means we can fish last aggressive sink tips, making the casting and fly presentation Easter. Also 185 - water in my opinion is ideal dry fly water flow. This is especially true when it comes to fishing the bug hatchets in the afternoon for resident trout. This has been the routine the past week. Swing flies for big fish in the morning to early afternoon. Then finished the day, casting dry flies to the resonant trout.
The Hendrickson Hatch continues on Oatka. However there is now the new bug coming in to play. That is the blue wing olive, this is a size 16 may fly. Look for this may fly hatching daring the mid afternoon, along the tails of the pools. It is not unusual to have both the Hendrickson and the olive hatching at the same time. Take your time and watch the fish and the bugs, make sure the fish are eating what you think there. There's also good Hendrickson's spinner falls in the evenings. This week is supposed to be warm, so I suspect we will see plenty of spinners at dusk.

Note; The following days have become available for the Salmon River I have the following days available for early May on the Salmon River this will be swing flies for drop back steelhead. The days are May 8, 9, 10, 11 For the trout fishermen, keep in mind I will be back home fishing or local trout streams from mid may on. This is Oatka Creek, Springbrook and the upper Genesee River. If interested or have any questions feel free to call the fly shop at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436

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