Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The warm spring weather and lack of snow cover in the tug hill; the tug is the head water for the Salmon River. The lack of the snow pack means minimal snow runoff and water temperatures have quickly increased the warm spring weather. What all this means is that over the past week, I have seen some of the warmest water temperatures for the month of March ever on the Salmon River. With the bright sunny weather we have had over the past week water temperatures rose to a high of 42 degrees, very warm for this time of year. Warm enough to trigger spawning activity. Fortunately at night water temperatures and fish activity cooled off. You do not want the spawning cycle to get too far ahead of schedule. We wait all year for prime time steelhead fishing, to not want it to be over too soon. This will also help explain why we have been experimenting a strong hatch of stone flies. Fortunately things have cooled off. Water flows have been increased to1600 CFS and we are having some cooled rainfall.
Oak Orchard River -- the water flow is flowing on the high side of fishable and rising, and water clarity is poor. However the bright side is, water temperature has been holding in the low 40 degree range. All this, means that in my little world the fishing conditions are absolutely perfect. High muddy water scares everyone away and leaves me the river to myself. Yet if you understand how the fish use the river and where to look, the fishing can be some of the best of the whole run. Rainfall that we have had over the last two days will cause water condition to deteriorate. However I do not think the Oak Orchard will become on fishable, even though the river may look so. Looks like we're off to a good start, hopefully water temperatures will not warm up to quickly and burn the run out.

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