Friday, March 12, 2010

It is good to be finally back to fishing the local water. The warm spring weather we have been enjoying has put a big dent into melting off our snow cover. The snow melt has caused the water flow in Oak Orchard River to increase significantly, along with the increase in water flow water clarity also has deteriorated. Nothing new here, however just what we need to get the fishing back on track. Depending on how much rain we received over the next few days, will determine how quickly river conditions become fishable. Hopefully we will be fishing the Oak by late this coming week.
The smaller area streams are quickly opening up, once they do this will be where we will find our best fishing. Water temperatures normally warm up quicker and the smaller streams then they do in the larger rivers such as the Oak Orchard River. What is important to remember now is that river conditions can and will change almost daily. Just because you're favorite stream or river was not fishing today does not mean it will not turn on tomorrow, keep a close eye on your favorite river.
The Salmon River is ware the action is right now. Water flows are running at 750 CFS. This is a decent water flow for this time the year. Especially when you take into consideration there is not going to be any heavy snow melt runoff this year. The Salmon River watershed does not have a normal snow pack to melt off. On the plus side, this is the best steelhead fishing I have seen for the month of March. I'm finding good numbers of fish from the fly fishing zones all the way down river. With these water flows and warm sunny days the Salmon River is expensing a strong stone fly hatch. For those of you who know, steelhead love to eat stone flies. As a result we have had some of our best fishing from mid morning to mid afternoon when the sun is on the water. Even though stone flies are very active we are still having to use a large variety of fly patterns to get our bites. Along with the usual Caddis and Stone fly nymphs, egg patterns have been taking more than their share of fish. Water temperatures are still harboring in the low to mid 30s degree range, as result fishing under strike indicators has been the most productive technique. If the Salmon River is any indication of what we can expect for runs in the Western tributaries it is going to be a good spring.

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