Friday, March 5, 2010

Been off the water the past week, at least I should say the local water. I've spent the past week fishing for steelhead and South West Washington. What were the river conditions like? Water flows were dropping from a previous rain, it rained and the river flows went up, it stopped raining and the flows dropped. Typical steelhead fishing, you adjust to what is happening. When you go on a trip like this it is always more than just catching fish. I always wanted to see and fish the West Coast Steelhead rivers. This is where our great lakes steelhead originally came from. The rivers on the West Coast run for miles, it may tack weeks for the fish to get to the spawning water. Even it a steelhead covers 20 miles a day. The big challenge is finding the fish. The numbers of fish are down and the rivers are long.
The highlight of the trip was spending three days with Mike Kenny. For those of you how are not familiar with this name, Mike Kenny is one of the designers of the deer Creek spey rods from Temple fork outfitters, and the designer of the MKS one of rod lines from Bob Meisner. Mike Kenny is also one of the top spay casting instructors and steelhead fishermen in the country. I learned a lot with my time is spent with Mike.
He helped me out with my own casting and it was interesting to see how he approached a river and fished it. Mike has a very unique and efficient approach to presenting the fly and covering the water. I am eager to but what I learned from Mike to work here in our rivers.
I will be back in our local river this week, and will be back in top of the fishing. I do know the smaller creeks are starting to open up. A few of these creeks are getting a few fish.

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