Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As I have said be for, conditions do change fast. The rain and warm weather has caused water flow to increase in all of the river and streams. The fishing will be on ones, the water flows settle down. For the smaller streams, keep a watch, we may be able to fish any time. These smaller streams will warm up faster than the larger rivers. As a result we will find more aggressive fish hear. The Oak Orchard river will be warming up a little faster this spring, the ice is already off the reservoir. The muddy water will help with this, by acting as a giant solar collector. Give the oak about a week and the fishing should be turning on despite the high and muddy water. Water flows for the Oak Orchard will most likely remained higher than normal for some time to come. So keep in mind when wading, use your judgment, sometimes the water flow is faster than it appears. For flies, this is where things start to get fun. Besides the standard egg patterns, it is time to brake out the big bunny flies, streamers, big buggers and spey flies.
The Salmon River – water flows remain at 750 CFS for now, however as always conditions can and will change fast. I do not see water flows going much higher in the near future for now. The big event still remained all the stone flies that are hatching, especially when the sun lights up the river bottom. I do not know if it's because we've had ideal water flows for fishing this hatch, or the hatches are getting stronger every year, most likely a combination of both. But there has been a lot of stone flies coming off and steelheads are taking full of vantage of this. As lately the same techniques of dead drifting nymphs and egg patterns under a indicator has been producing fish along with swinging medium-size soft hackles. As long as these flows continue I suspect the Salmon River will be fishing way better than average.

I have the following days still open for this month, I will be fishing both the Salmon River and oak Orchard River depending on conditions and logistics. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to call the fly shop at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436

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