Sunday, February 14, 2010

The winter weather has settled back in, and the fishing has cooled off a little. The water flow on the Oak Orchard has dropped back down and is now low and clear. When the water conditions get like this the steelhead will work there way back down river, in to the deeper slower water. The fish will remain here until we get another push of water. For now the pest approach is to fish just below the dam and work your way down river, covering all the pools. The lower end of the Oak may still have a few brown trout around looking some think to eat. For flies, stay with egg patterns in size 8 and 10, in the natural colors. Also, stone fly nymphs, hairs ears and large caddis patterns, and white rabbit streamers.
The cold weather is also having an affect on the Salmon River. Water flows are dropping down from 750 cfs to 500 cfs. Also the egg bite that we were expressing last week has virtually gone away. We are back to fishing nymphs and small wet flies, the sizes of these flies range from 12 to 8. The presentation for these flies is the same old technique, use strike indicators, long leaders and light tippits. Keep in mind that takes can be soft and it is easy to miss a take.
Some thing new to think about, spring creek should start to see its first major hatch in about three weeks. This hatch will be a size 20 black Midge. With all the snow and cold weather, we can be fishing dry flies soon. I have been fishing spring creek in March and casting a size 20 dry flies to feed trout in a snow storm.

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