Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hear is a run down on what's going on with the fishing. Starting with the Oak Orchard River. Water flows are low and clear, this means most of the fish have retreated back down river into the deeper slower portion of the Oak. These conditions will stay this way until we get a other push of water. You may find a stray fish in the main pools below the dam, however the pickings are going to be slam.
The Salmon River is where we will find the most consistent fishing for the time being. The water flow is going to be running at 500 CFS in till Monday. After that you will need to check with water line to see what changes may happen for next week. Water flows once again flowing in a consistent level, or dropping. We are back to fishing light tippits, indicators and for flies the usual low water stuff. Stay with stone flies, hairs ears nymphs and Caddis, the steelhead in these conditions are going to be more receptive to bug like flies.

Spring Steelhead Fishing
Spring is coming upon us very quickly. So will the spring steelhead run. It has been a cold, snowy winter. We all are looking for to getting back to fishing on our favorite streams and rivers. Those of you that have been following the steelhead fishing, are aware that we once again had a good fall. The fishing has continued to be far above average right through this winter. I see no reason not to expect the quality of the fishing to carry on into the spring.

The Oak Orchard River, last spring steelhead fishing one of the best springs that I've seen in years. The Oak has a reputation of producing fantastic spring run steelhead fishing. As long as the Oak receives strong water flows I suspect we are going to have good steelhead fishing starting in March. The same goes for Sandy Creek. Once the ice clears out, we will be able to enjoy a mixed bag of spring run Steelhead and winter holdover Brown trout.

The Salmon River has been receiving consistent strong runs of Steelhead since last October. What has really given me great hope for the spring has been how well this river has fishing all winter. I'm looking forward to fishing the Salmon River once the steelheads start their spawning cycle. Just think about it, for a minute. Steelheads have been piling in to the Salmon River sense mid-October, are now going to spawn and then drop out of the river. The Salmon River this spring should ones again produce some excellent Steelhead fishing.

My spring fishing schedule is as follows. I will be fishing the rivers in the Western end of like Ontario, Oak Orchard, Sandy Creek and when possible the Genesee River. I will start fishing these rivers as soon as the ice leaves and go until the 15th to the 20th of April, depending on fishing conditions. At this point I will move to the Salmon River at Pulaski New York. I will fish the Salmon River until mid to late May, depending on how well the Steelhead runs last. After this, I will be back home and fish the local trout streams.

Final note, if you're interested in fishing with me this spring, please consider getting in contact with me soon so you can ensure the dates that you would like to fish. My spring calendar is starting to fill so it would be wise not to wait too long.

For more information, contact: JAY PECK - cell-585-233-0436

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