Saturday, February 6, 2010

The fishing this past week has been some of the best, winter fishing I have seen in a long time. I have been running back and fort from the Oak Orchard and the Salmon River. The water conditions on the Oak are about as good as it gets for winter fishing. For now the water is at a medium flow and slightly stained color. There are fish in all of the mane pool from the dam on down. For flies we have been using estaz eggs in chartreuse, Fished under a strike indicators. In the lower end of the Oak there is a few brow trout still around and looking for food. We have been getting these fish with both egg flies and white bunny flies. This quality of fishing in the Oak Orchard River, will most likely hold up for a week or two more. This obviously depends on the weather and the water flows.
The Salmon River, hear too the fishing has been way benter then average. When the weather warms up enough that the ice will clear out of the D.S.R and then the run will fish. Most of the action in this part of the river, has been in the after noon. This tells me that there is still a flow of new fish entering the river all moat daily. We have found the most consistent fishing in the D.S.R. to be concentrated in the upper half of the run. Productive flies for the lower half of the Salmon River have been egg flies; Oregon cheese nuclear row bugs, carpet flies, river row egg patterns, all in size 10 to 8
The upper half of the Salmon River is the same story. All the pools and pockets have steelhead coming and going. The fishing is what I call a study pick, work your way through the pool and see if there is a fish that wants to bite. The fishing pressure in this part of the river has been light. The heaviest concentration of fish is in the fly fishing zone. We have been doing extremely well lately in this part of the river. There is a lot of steelhead starting to concentrate in pools of the fly fishing zone. It is very easy to accidentally follow hook fish right now. To avoid this problem we have been using strike indicators to control our drift. As for productive flies, things are starting to change. Early this week we had a strong egg bite. Now that the water flows have been consistent for a while and all the stray eggs are starting to clean out of the system. As result the fish are becoming more receptive to nymphs and small wet flies once again. This means back to stone flies, hairs ears, and similar stuff. When fishing this part of the river I am using letter tippits. I'm often using 6 pound test or 3X tippits. This is light enough to get the soft drift that I need, but still strong enough, with care to handle a large steelhead.

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