Sunday, January 24, 2010

We will have to see how much rain we get out of this upcoming weather front. Hopefully there will be enough rain to bring the river's backup and get our winter fishing back online. We need to get the water flow back up. The fish that are in the river now have been playing the game for some time now. They kwon the game well and the fishing has become very technical.
The ice is finally starting to clear out of the Genesee River. You will still need to use caution when fishing along the river banks. There is sections were the shelf ice extends out into the river. If you are standing on this ice when it breaks, you could find yourself standing in neck deep ice water. Water flows and clarity have been fluctuating daily lately. You'll have to just go and take your chances for now.
The Oak Orchard River water flow has been fluctuating a little bit over this past week. However these water fluctuations has not been enough to pull new fish and yet. The lower portion of the Oak where the water flows is slower, is where most of the productive fishing is. Hopefully the rain will be significant enough to bring the water flows up and maintain a flow long enough to pull in new fish. As for the smaller streams and creeks, this is a mix bag of still frozen, low water, hopefully soon high water. You will need to check on the immediate conditions before fishing.
The Salmon River water flow is still at 285 CFS, hear too hopefully we will get some rain so the water can go up. As I said the fishing has become very technical. We have been using light tippits and small flies, well at least small for me. We're using nymphs in size 12 to 8 mostly the flies are sort of stone fly nymph, hairs ear or Caddis a merger. It has been the same deal as it has been the last couple weeks. Hook a fish or two a fly pattern, put that pattern away and try another. More flies we tried more bites we were getting. Hopefully the water flows will come up this week and we can it out and swing some flies for a change.


We get the rain, all most 2 inches of the stuff. All the creek and river are way up. The Oak Orchard River has come up close to 4 feet, The smaller streams and creeks are about to go over there banks. Give these creeks and river about a week to come back in to fishing condition. The same goes for the Genesee River, however this river may stay out for the next two weeks. The Salmon River is going from 285 CFS to 1800 CFS for the next few days. The blast of high water is just what we needed to get the fishing going. Weather permitting we should be back on the water by the weekend.

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