Monday, January 11, 2010

It is looking like we are going to get a break in the clod whether soon. By the end of the week the air temperature should be above the freezing mark. Just the cure that we need for a bad case of cabin fever. Starting with the Oak Orchard River, river conditions here with all things considered, not bad. There are no ice issues, and water flows are at what we call a medium to medium low flow for now. The water color is clear which is normal after a prolonged freeze. One word of caution. If water flows do come up and go over the overflow. Be on the look out for large chunks of ice floating down river. Be mindful and make sure you have a quick escape. As for flies, stay with egg flies and nymphs in sizes 12 to 8. Down river in the deeper slower water try fishing white bunny flies and woolly buggers.
The smaller area streams and creeks will need a longer warming period, than what we will most likely receive. I would not plan on fishing any of these stretches of water for some time.
The Salmon River water flow still remains at 285 CFS and according to the water release predictions it will stay that way for some time to come. This is nothing new when it comes to cold whether. As you probably already guessed there is plenty of snow along the river. There is about two feet of the stuff along the Lower River and about three to 4 feet of snow along the upper river. Keep this in mind when planning on ware you are going to fish. Getting in and out of the river in some places this time in the year can be an issue. Fishing in this 285 water will require some adjusting to river conditions. The first is to light the tippets down to 3X to 4X that is about six to 8 pound test. For flies stay with the smaller stuff, egg flies and nymphs in size 12 to 8. For best results fish these with a strike indicator and a long leader. For those of you who would like to swing flies stay with bunny leach patterns in size 6 to size 4. Fish these patterns in the classic down and across swing. Swing these flies as slowly as possible, for best results you want the fly to almost hang in the current as it comes across the swing.


Daring the winter months the productive fishing time daring the course of the day is much shorter. Typically during the winter most days there will be approximately 6 hours productive fishing, before light conditions and cold temperatures shot the fishing down.
We are offering a winter fishing special for guide trips. One person will be $200 and two persons will be $300, this is a saving of a $100. This is for the home streams only. Oak Orchard, Sandy Creek, Genesee River and multiple days, for the Salmon River. This special also includes local trout streams Oatka and Spring Creek. We meet at 8 to 8:30 a.m. and on the water by 9 a.m. and fish straight through to 3 p.m. take advantage of the best part of the day. We will be running the special until March 15 2010. Give us a call and fend off cabin fever.
For available days feel free to give me a call at 585-352-0439 or the fly shop at 585- 352-4775.

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