Sunday, January 3, 2010


The way the weather is looking for this coming week. It is going to be a good week for fly tying. The temperatures are not going to get much over the 20 degree mark. Time to get some fly boxes filed up, for the upcoming spring. The lake Ontario snow guns have dune there job. The banks along the Oak Orchard River, has received a good does of snow, about 20 inches of the stuff. All of this snow has frozen the lower part of the river. But the river from the road hole on up river to the damn will stay open. It takes a lout of cold weather even to begin to freeze this part of the river. As for all of the smaller creeks, you guess it, lost in the snow.
The Salmon River has been hit with the same blast of snow. We will have to wait and see how big of a hit it is. This cold weather is freezing deep. The water flow on the salmon is coming down. The Salmon River is dropping down to 285 CFS. This is the minimum flow for the winter. The 285 CFS flow is meant to protect the river bottoms from anchor ice. Ones we get a thaw the water flow will go beck up. Until then this water flow may be a little lower than we are used to, but the river will fish. These winter low water flows is when you break out the small egg flies and nymphs.

If you have been thinking about learning to tie flies. Or you would like to improve your fly tying skills. Then give Coleman's fly shop a call 585-352-4775 and inquire about the fly tying classes that will be held through February and March.

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