Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter has a solid hold on all of the river and creeks, on the Western end of Lake Ontario. For now the smaller creeks are frozen over. The only river that is fishing is the Oak Orchard river, the Genesee River is high but coming down. I would give the Genesee about a week and then checking on the river. The Oak Orchard river water flow is ideal for fishing and the water color has improved over the past week. The water temperature is at 33 degrees. This means that the fish bit will be slower then what we see in the fall. Some days we will fish threw the pool twist. That is make one run threw all the pools and fish to the fish that are presently on the bite. Ones we go threw the all pools, we will walk back up river and run the pools agene. Fish will sit in the pools and go on and off the bit all day. We are now obviously fishing out of our winter fly boxes. Productive flies are; egg flies in size 12 to 8 bunny flies size 4 and 6 in colors of white and olive, stone fly nymphs in size 12 to 6.
The water flow remains a 750 CFS, judging by the pineville water flow gauge. I suspect we will have this water flow for some time. The Salmon River is no different then the rivers in the Western end of the Lake when it comes to being locked in to winter fishing conditions. Daring cold morning's the lower river is expressing slushy conditions, this usually clears up by mid morning. On cold days the slush ice can persist throughout the day. Despite the icy conditions, steelheads continue to trickle in, this main there is fresh steelhead spread out through the lower river. The upper river continues to remain ice free, this is also are the majority of steelhead are concentrating. Fishing pressure in this part of the river has dropped off considerably do to the cold water. However the fish are there in the fishing remains good. For flies, we are using the same stuff that we do for the Oak Orchard River.


Daring the winter months the productive fishing time daring the course of the day is much shorter. Typically during the winter most days there will be approximately 6 hours productive fishing, before light conditions and cold temperatures shot the fishing down.
We are offering a winter fishing special for guide trips. One person will be $200 and two persons will be $300, this is a saving of a $100. This is for the home streams only. Oak Orchard, Sandy Creek, Genesee River and multiple days, for the Salmon River. This special also includes local trout streams Oatka and Spring Creek. We meet at 8 to 8:30 a.m. and on the water by 9 a.m. and fish straight through to 3 p.m. take advantage of the best part of the day. We will be running the special until March 15 2010. Give us a call and fend off cabin fever.
For available days feel free to give me a call at 585-352-0439 or the fly shop at 585- 352-4775.

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