Saturday, December 5, 2009

We have had some rain this week. Finally enough to bring the water flows up on all of our rivers and creeks. The water flows in all of the smaller creeks are presently flowing high and muddy. I suspect water flows in these creeks will moderate within a few days. For now the Oak Orchard River has continues to fish despite the recent increase in water flow. Both water level and water clarity has held up over the last few days on the Oak. I suspect that the clarity will decrease slightly over the next few days. However I do not foresee the Oak becoming too dirty to fish. As for what is going on with the fishing on the Oak. There is a fairly decent amount of steelhead spread out through all the pools from the dam on down river. I have not seen many Brown trout over last few days. However this is not unusual for this time of the year. Often the Brown trout fishing will go throw a slow down in early December. Any day these spawn a Browns will go on the feed, and then the Brown trout fishing and get back on pace.
The Salmon Rive, this has been where I have had my best Brown trout fishing of the entire fall. The upper fly fishing zone has been loaded with Brown trout. Normally Western New York is the place to catch monster Brown trout however this fall it has been the Salmon River. I have never seen so many Brown trout in the upper fly fishing zone as I have this fall. As of 12/1/09 the upper fly fishing zone is close until this spring on the 4/1/10 the upper fly fishing zone will open back up.
The lower fly fishing zone is fishing good for steelhead and we are also getting a few brown trout. The Salmon River is settling into a typical December fishing pattern. The lower river is seeing a consistent flow of new fish entering the river and working their way up. The lower river may not have the numbers of fish as the upper river does. However these fish have not experienced much fishing pressure yet, and are more readily to take a fly.
The upper river, there is large numbers of fish. However this is where the majority of the fishing pressure is located. You need to take the fishing pressure into consideration with your fishing. Despite the fishing pressure, the section of river can produce a great day of fishing.

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