Sunday, December 13, 2009

Old man winter has finally arrived. This cooled snap will put the fishing in to a winter fishing pattern. The water temperatures will need a few days to stabilize fist. After that, it will be a mid morning to mid afternoon fishing day. I like to call it fishing the bankers hours. For the fishing conditions right now, all of the smaller streams and creeks are back up and muddy from the rain and wet snow the other day. The cool weather will help push the water levels down faster. For now freezing up does not look like it will be a problem for these smaller streams and creeks.
The Oak Orchard River has held up well over the last week of rain and wet snow. The water flow is on the high side, the clarity is a heavy staying, but still good for fishing. The higher water flow should be drawing in new fish every day. Add the clod whether which always causes the fishing pressure to drop. The oak will be providing some good fishing ones the cold weather pushes throw. For flies; stay with egg patterns in size 8 and 10 in your favor colors. Small wet flies in size 8 to 4, and white streamers Swing these flies as slowly alone the bottom as you can.
The Salmon River - The despite what you may think, so far the salmon has not received too much snowfall. The reports that I'm getting is saying that there's anywhere from 4 inches to a foot of snow along the river. The biggest change for the Salmon River, is the water flow. After over a month of water flows at 335 CFS, the water has finally been increased to 750 CFS. Even though we've had some cold winter weather, this increase in water flow should draw in new fish.

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