Thursday, November 26, 2009

The fishing conditions have changed abruptly on the Oak Orchard River and all of areas streams and creeks. The water flows have increased over the past week. Both rain and water from the canal systems, have contributed to the water flow. We are also supposed to receive rain over the coming few days. Hopefully this will get the water flows up and keep things flowing. With this increased in water flow Oak Orchard has recently received small run off steelhead. The Brown trout fishing is still spotty at best, but if you're willing to work the water hard you can find a few Brown trout. This pretty much goes for the rest of the streams and creeks all through western New York. Productive flies, egg flies remain the top producing patterns. However there is now spawned out Brown trout going on the feed, in all of our rivers streams and creeks. It is now time to start to fishing streamers such as white bunny flies in size 6.
The Salmon River water flow has remained study. The water flow is still running at 335 CFS. But finally the fish seem to be moving a little more consistently now. The lower river has seen improvement in the Steelhead fishing, along with a few Brown trout. Most of the fish are still coming from the fast water. The fishing in the upper river has not changed much. This is where majority of the fishing pressure continues to be found, however recently fishing pressure has become more spotty. The number fishermen working this section of river can vary greatly from one day to the next. Egg flies still remain to be the most productive patterns. You should also carry a good selection of stone fly nymphs and a few woolly buggers in size 8 and 6.

I also have a lot of days available for the month of December. Despite the cooler weather December can be a great month for fishing for both Brown trout and steelhead. By December I'll be fishing both the Western New York tributaries and the Salmon River. If you are interested, give the shop a call at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436. When attempting to contact me by cell phone please be persistent. I'm often in poor cell phone zones.

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