Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Turn Around

The Salmon River, at Pulaski NY; The water flow is at 335 CFS this is the lowest water flow we have had on the Salmon River in approximately 3 weeks. As a result this past weekend was considerably more busy, than I would expect for this time of the month. By Monday the fishing pressure dropped off dropped off considerably. After a busy salmon season, it is nice to see the Salmon River quiet once again.
The weather this week has become more seasonable, as a result the fishing has improved. I describe the steelhead fishing as more of a November pace. A slow start in the morning, do to cooling water temperatures overnight. Once the sun gets on the water and warms up the water temperature the fishing heats up along with the water temperatures. If you stay in one location, and wait for the steelhead to come to you, you are in for a long day. Typical for steelhead fishing, the more water you cover the more fish you will find. I have been doing what I refer to as fishing the milk run. That is fishing as many pools runs and pockets as I can throughout the day.
Because we have been concentrating our fishing efforts, in the pocket water, and small pools and not to mention that the river is saturated with salmon eggs. We have been head our best success fishing egg patterns. As many of you know, my favorite egg patterns for this time year, is the Nuclear Row Bug. The best colors for this week have been, orange, Oregon cheese and chartreuse. Because the leaves were so thick in the river we were not able to swing flies. Hopefully this coming week, we can change this.
I have not started to fish the local creeks and rivers in western New York yet. However the word is that all the rivers and creeks have runs of Chinook salmon. The Oak Orchard River has received a few Brown trout. This is right about on schedule. The Oak generally receives a few runs of big male Brown trout, this time of the year. However keep in mind the fishing pressure on the Oak is intense. I will be back fishing on the Western New York tributaries in approximately a week.
November is Brown Trout time. These are monster Brown trout, most weighing in around 7 to 10 pounds. Every fall we catch a few Brown trout that are weighing in around 16 to 18 pounds. The dates for November are 15, 25, 27, 28, and 29. If you are interested, give the shop a call at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436. When attempting to contact me by cell phone please be persistent. I'm often in poor cell phone reception zones.

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