Monday, September 14, 2009

Water flows on the Salmon River, Pulaski NY, remains at 335 CFS and the water flow should stay that way for the up coming week. The water temperatures are holding up good, for now the temperature is 64 degrees. This past week the fishing has slowed down from what it was over last week end. There still has been some numbers of salmon showing up in the DSR each day. These salmon are slowly working there way up river. Right now there is a few salmon scattered from mid river on down. I speck this pattern will continue for the next few days. However when you consider the quality of the fishing we are experiencing, for the time of the year, the fishing has been better than average. Most of the fishing has been happing in the morning's, from fist light to late morning. Once the sun gets on the water the salmon will find a holding spot and shut down for the day. Not moving or biting until it is good and dark. This is a normal run and hold pattern for the salmon for this time of the year.
The pest part of this is the fishing pressure is very light, if you want to fish for salmon and not have a lout of company. Now is the time. For flies, the same stuff as always. Black and silver Willie buggers when the light is low and off the water. Ones the sun is on the water go to a Brown and copper Willie bugger. A size 4 or a size 6 will work.

Over the weekend we took a little break from the normal routine of salmon fishing. We headed down river on the Genesee River to do some fall trout fishing. As is typical for trout fishing this time in the year, one day the fishing can be on fire and the next a hard pick. Typical of my luck that day was a hard pick. We did manage a few fish. However we had to cover an awful lot water to find these fish. The tough fishing was not because of the lack of fish, we did see lots of fish wherever we went. The trout were just not interested in eating. We had our best success with size 14 stimulators and a size 16 olive wet fly dropper of the back of the stimulator.

Not; I have the 19, 20, 21 24 of September still opened. This time frame has traditionally been when we experiment runs of both Coho salmon and Chinook salmon. If you are interested, give the shop call at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436. When attempting to contact me by cell phone please be persistent. I'm often in poor cell phone reception zones.

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