Thursday, September 24, 2009

Salmon River, Pulaski NY, water flows remain at 335, at least until the end of this coming week. The water temperature is still 61 degree and holding, good for this time of the year. We receive rainfall on both Wednesday and Thursday, however I do not think that this accountant for much more than 1 inch of rainfall. Not enough to cause an increase in water flow but, every bit helps.
The salmon have been running a little in consistent this week, one day the D S R will have a after noon run of fish the next day a morning run or no run that day. The challenge is deciding to fish the lower river for new fish or hunt for fish in the upper river. The encouraging thing is that, the river estuary is loaded with salmon. Sooner or later all these fish are going to make a break for it and start there run. Daring the week the fishing pressure has been reasonable in the D S R. You can get in some good spots, and work it. So if there is a small run of salmon you are able to capitalize on it.
One advantage to fishing the fly fishing zones right now is that, there is an opportunity to catch a mix big of fish. There is a usual amount of large Brown trout holding in both the upper and lower fly fishing zone at this time. These Brown trout are not in all the usual spots but if you're willing to fish around, you can locate them. Along with the Brown trout, the usual suspects, Chinook and Coho salmon continue to grow in numbers. The quality of fishing improves daily for this second of river.
Productive flies continue to be; Brown and copper, black and silver, woolly buggers in size 4 and 6, black stone flies in size 6, comments in size 4 and 6, for the salmon. For the Brown trout we have been have and are best success with black stone flies in size 8 and copper nymphs in size 12 and 10.

Not; I have the 28, 29, 30 of September still open. This time frame has traditionally been when we experiment good runs of both Coho salmon and Chinook salmon. If you are interested, give the shop a call at 585-352-4775 or my cell phone at 585-233-0436. When attempting to contact me by cell phone please be persistent. I'm often in poor cell phone reception zones.

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