Monday, September 7, 2009

A Good Start

This weekend was a good start to this fall’s salmon run on the Salmon River. The cool weather we had over the past week help to drop the water temper down to 66 degrees, along with 335 CFS water flow, allowed salmon to stage in the rivers estuary. This past weekend being Labor Day weekend, there was a scheduled water release of 750 CFS. With this increase in water flow the salmon came the running. This was one of the best runs of salmon I have seen in many years. For this time of the year. There was a strong steady push of salmon moved into the lower section of the DSR for most of Saturday.
These early salmon September are HOT. When we hooked one, they took it personally and blew up, the best way to describe these salmon, as angry. On Saturday the salmon were all over a size 4 copper and brown woolly bugger. For the morning we hook 11 salmon. Do to the salmon being so hot, try as did, we could not lane a one. What I would have given for a sleepy salmon, that day.
As is typical for early September, one day the salmon run heavy and the next day. There is just a few fish trickling through. This was the case for the following day. A light run of salmon, and then by midmorning the river goes quiet, normal for early September. That morning, we were able to find a few salmon by covering prime holding water. This time we wear able to lane one. Once again the same fly size 4 copper and brown woolly bugger was most effective. This fly is one of my favorite flies for bright sunny skies and clear water.
This is why I like to fish salmon and September. Fresh from the lake and full of flight, the Chinook salmon are at their best. The runs may be a little sporadic, but the fishing pressure is normally light and you are often able to move around and find a fish that is welling to bite. We have unique opportunity this fall, an early start to the salmon run.

This year we will have an extra option to do a little trout fishing in the afternoons. There was about 6 to 7000 brown trout stocked throughout the river. Along with these Brown trout there is also, plenty of 12 to 14 inch Atlantic salmon scattered throughout the River. These fish are feeding in the last of the caddis and mayflies of the summer. Fishing for the big fish in the AM and dry fly fishing in the PM. Not a bad way to spend a day.
You would like to take advantage of this opportunity. I have prime days still open for September. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call. 585-233-0436

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