Monday, August 3, 2009

This was another good week for the Trico hatch on Oatka creek. Water flows and water temperatures have been holding at a steady rate. This has created some of the best fishing I have seen this season Oatka tricking creek. Even though the fishing the last couple weeks has been outstanding. It is still a mid summer Trico Hatch. It does matter how aggressively the trout are feeding there are still going to be very easy to spook. I have been getting away with using 6 X tippits where the waters surface is slightly broken. However when fishing to trout in the flatter, calmer water. I now have to use 7 X tippit to get a clean drift. Even when the fish aggressively feeding, you still need a perfect dead drift for the fly. The flies I have been using are the same group of flies that I have been using all along. The flies are; Trico spinner size 20, red variant size 16 and after the hatch is over I have been having some success with ants and Beatles size 41 to 18.
The Genesee River is in excellent fishing condition too. Even hear the water flows and temperatures are in good shape. The Genesee also has a Trico hatch and the bugs have the same hatching schedule as the bugs on the Oatka. Along with the morning Trico hatch fishing, the Genesee River also has an evening hatch. This bug is a size 10 yellow may fly commonly called a yellow drake I have found that a white wolf will work as good as anything.

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