Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This summer. As you can imagine a lot of our rivers heated up sharply such as the Genesee River. But fortunately this stretch of hot weather should not cause too much
This past couple of weeks has been some of the hottest water we have experienced so far damage to the trout population in the Genesee River. When it comes to the Genesee River, I'm hoping for a lot of trout to carry over into next season.
As for Oatka and Spring Brook, the springs that run through this system have kept the water temperatures cool. As for the fishing, August can be extremely challenging, despite the water flows. The trico hatch continues, however the fish continued to become more challenging. At this stage of the game, other fly patterns such as small woolly buggers and scads become far more productive.
This summer's trout fishing has been outstanding, one of the best I have seen in many years. All of the wet cold rainy weather that everybody has been complaining about all summer long. Is the reason we have had such a phenomenal trout season. Hopefully the cool weather and rainfall will continue right through the fall. When we are fishing the tributaries of Lake Ontario this fall, we need to remember not to look at water flows and river conditions, as a trout fishermen would. The fish that migrate through these rivers are what I refer to as high water fish. I've always had my best fishing when the rivers are high and off-color. So let's hope the rains to continue.
The news from the Salmon River is that there is a few salmon around. This is unusually early. Most years the first of the Chinook salmon don't start to show up, until the first week of September. I suspect the reason for this is the unusually cool wet weather, has kept water temperatures below mid 60 degree range. There also been more than normal reports of both the Atlantic salmon and summer run steelhead being caught recently. For late August the Salmon River is fishing extremely good. The way things are looking we should have some small to moderate but steady runs of salmon by early to mid September this year. If you want to fish for salmon with out the big crowds, this may be the time. One advantage to early salmon runs is that they are more receptive to case a fly on the swing. Looks like we are going to have unique opportunity this fall, a early start to the salmon run. If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of this opportunity, feel free to give me a call. 585-233-0436

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