Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall news letter

Once again, fall is almost upon us, and the first of the salmon are already entering the rivers. This summer has been an interesting one. I normally have a series of reports about the fishing on the lake by now. But, with this summer’s weather, there has been a lot of wind on the lake and a lack of fishing effort.
As of this writing, the reports that I do have from the lake is that there has been some good Chinook salmon fishing. With the cooler water temperatures this summer the salmon have not been as far offshore as they have in been previous summers. Judging by water temperatures and water flows, I suspect we may have a better than average early run of salmon.
I am really optimistic about this year’s steelhead run. Those of you, who have been steelhead fishing with me over the past few seasons, know what I am talking about. We have had some outstanding steelhead fishing.
Because of weather conditions and now good salmon fishing, lake fishermen have not been targeting the steelhead. I see no reason why we will not see steelhead runs equal to the last couple of seasons. This should be another great run of steelhead.
Brown trout; I do know that the Brown trout fishing off Oak Orchard River this year was way better than last season. I'm hoping for a good fall for Brown trout fishing. Hopefully, the rains will continue and Sandy will have plenty of water this fall. I did hear of a confirmed report of a monster Brown being caught in the Lake in front of Oak Orchard River. This Brown reportedly weighed in at 27 pounds. That is truly a monster. Earlier in the summer the lake fishermen were catching a large number of Atlantic salmon. Most of these fish measured 18 to 20 inches long. They are two years old and should be entering the Salmon River next summer. As always, time well tell. When all the numbers were ran, we are talking about a 1500 percent increase in the count from last year. Something is definitely happening with our Atlantic salmon program. The biggest news is that the fish did not get beat up on the lake this summer. The way things are looking, all we will need is good water flow for our rivers. If this cool rainy weather continues that should not be a problem.
When fishing salmon on the Salmon River, many of you know that I like to fish the lower portion of the Salmon River. This means we spent a lot of time in the D.S.R. This year the access fees onto this properly will be covered under the daily guide fee.
Many of you know, my fishing schedule is designed to follow the runs as they happen along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. For those of you who are not familiar with my route through the rivers, here it is;
September through October; fishing the Salmon River.
November to December; fishing Sandy Creek, Oak Orchard River and Genesee River.
December through out the winter months, depending on fishing conditions and convenience, this will be either the Salmon River or Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard.
At this time, I sill have prime days available for the month of September. September may not be the hottest month for fishing. However the salmon are fresh and the fishing pressure is generally light. One of my favorite times to be on the river. It you have any questions feel free to call me at 585-233-0436 or the shop at 585-352-4775 good fishing this fall.

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