Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This summer. As you can imagine a lot of our rivers heated up sharply such as the Genesee River. But fortunately this stretch of hot weather should not cause too much
This past couple of weeks has been some of the hottest water we have experienced so far damage to the trout population in the Genesee River. When it comes to the Genesee River, I'm hoping for a lot of trout to carry over into next season.
As for Oatka and Spring Brook, the springs that run through this system have kept the water temperatures cool. As for the fishing, August can be extremely challenging, despite the water flows. The trico hatch continues, however the fish continued to become more challenging. At this stage of the game, other fly patterns such as small woolly buggers and scads become far more productive.
This summer's trout fishing has been outstanding, one of the best I have seen in many years. All of the wet cold rainy weather that everybody has been complaining about all summer long. Is the reason we have had such a phenomenal trout season. Hopefully the cool weather and rainfall will continue right through the fall. When we are fishing the tributaries of Lake Ontario this fall, we need to remember not to look at water flows and river conditions, as a trout fishermen would. The fish that migrate through these rivers are what I refer to as high water fish. I've always had my best fishing when the rivers are high and off-color. So let's hope the rains to continue.
The news from the Salmon River is that there is a few salmon around. This is unusually early. Most years the first of the Chinook salmon don't start to show up, until the first week of September. I suspect the reason for this is the unusually cool wet weather, has kept water temperatures below mid 60 degree range. There also been more than normal reports of both the Atlantic salmon and summer run steelhead being caught recently. For late August the Salmon River is fishing extremely good. The way things are looking we should have some small to moderate but steady runs of salmon by early to mid September this year. If you want to fish for salmon with out the big crowds, this may be the time. One advantage to early salmon runs is that they are more receptive to case a fly on the swing. Looks like we are going to have unique opportunity this fall, a early start to the salmon run. If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of this opportunity, feel free to give me a call. 585-233-0436

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall news letter

Once again, fall is almost upon us, and the first of the salmon are already entering the rivers. This summer has been an interesting one. I normally have a series of reports about the fishing on the lake by now. But, with this summer’s weather, there has been a lot of wind on the lake and a lack of fishing effort.
As of this writing, the reports that I do have from the lake is that there has been some good Chinook salmon fishing. With the cooler water temperatures this summer the salmon have not been as far offshore as they have in been previous summers. Judging by water temperatures and water flows, I suspect we may have a better than average early run of salmon.
I am really optimistic about this year’s steelhead run. Those of you, who have been steelhead fishing with me over the past few seasons, know what I am talking about. We have had some outstanding steelhead fishing.
Because of weather conditions and now good salmon fishing, lake fishermen have not been targeting the steelhead. I see no reason why we will not see steelhead runs equal to the last couple of seasons. This should be another great run of steelhead.
Brown trout; I do know that the Brown trout fishing off Oak Orchard River this year was way better than last season. I'm hoping for a good fall for Brown trout fishing. Hopefully, the rains will continue and Sandy will have plenty of water this fall. I did hear of a confirmed report of a monster Brown being caught in the Lake in front of Oak Orchard River. This Brown reportedly weighed in at 27 pounds. That is truly a monster. Earlier in the summer the lake fishermen were catching a large number of Atlantic salmon. Most of these fish measured 18 to 20 inches long. They are two years old and should be entering the Salmon River next summer. As always, time well tell. When all the numbers were ran, we are talking about a 1500 percent increase in the count from last year. Something is definitely happening with our Atlantic salmon program. The biggest news is that the fish did not get beat up on the lake this summer. The way things are looking, all we will need is good water flow for our rivers. If this cool rainy weather continues that should not be a problem.
When fishing salmon on the Salmon River, many of you know that I like to fish the lower portion of the Salmon River. This means we spent a lot of time in the D.S.R. This year the access fees onto this properly will be covered under the daily guide fee.
Many of you know, my fishing schedule is designed to follow the runs as they happen along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. For those of you who are not familiar with my route through the rivers, here it is;
September through October; fishing the Salmon River.
November to December; fishing Sandy Creek, Oak Orchard River and Genesee River.
December through out the winter months, depending on fishing conditions and convenience, this will be either the Salmon River or Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard.
At this time, I sill have prime days available for the month of September. September may not be the hottest month for fishing. However the salmon are fresh and the fishing pressure is generally light. One of my favorite times to be on the river. It you have any questions feel free to call me at 585-233-0436 or the shop at 585-352-4775 good fishing this fall.

Monday, August 10, 2009

This has been the best summer for trout fishing that I have never seen. It is amazing what a trout stream can do with decent water flows and water temperatures. This past week I made another trip to the Catskills and the Delaware River. This time the water flows in the West branch and the big D. are so high it made the fishing a challenge. The fishing on the West branch was mostly streamer fishing do to the high water flows. Most of the water flow in the West branch was from bottom release water. This made the upper West branch extremely cold. The best fishing occurred from Balls Eddie on down to the main branch. This is where the water temperatures has a chance to warm up to the low 50 degrees range. Along this stretch of water the best fly was a size 4 black bunny streamer.

The greatest advantages of the streams and rivers of the Catskill Mountains is that most of the time, you can always find a piece of water that is in good fishing condition. We found excellent fishing on the Beaverkill and the Willowemoc. Hear the water flows were more like a spring flow. The week before we arrived the water flows were on fishable high. This also made it different for the trout to feed efficiently. As result we walked into a dream fishing situation, water levels just dropping to fishing condition and trout that have not fed for a few days, went on the feed. We smoke them on both rivers. Our most productive flies for the Willowemoc were size 16, red and silver variants, size 18 rusty spinners. On the Beaverkill we did very well with olive mergers in size 20 and usual size 18.
As of writing this report the entire Catskill system has just been hit with a series of intense thunderstorms. Everything is completely blown out for now, even the smaller streams and creeks. However the smaller water should be back into fishing condition with in a couple of days. The big D. and its branches both the East and West will most likely need close to week to settle back down. However this is a small price to pay for such great fishing that we have been enjoy all summer.

Chinook Salmon
We are only a few weeks away from the start of the Chinook salmon run. Already there is reports of a few stray salmon in the lower portion of the Salmon River. I'm not talking about any large numbers yet but just a handful fish now and them. The significance of this is that water temperatures in the Salmon River are already acceptable for these fish. Plus water flows are in excellent shape for this time of the year. All the indicators are showing potential for good September fishing. As of now I still have prime days available for the month of September. Fishing for Chinook Salmon in September allows you to fish for salmon that are in the best possible shape and these fish will take a fly on the swing. Also late September is when we traditionally will experience runs of Coho salmon. If you were not able to make a trip to Alaska this year, there's a way to get your salmon fax. And do it on a real budget. If you're interested in fishing in September or any time this fall, please feel free to call myself or the fly shop. The fly shop number is 585-352-4775 or you can contact me at 585-233-0436

Monday, August 3, 2009

This was another good week for the Trico hatch on Oatka creek. Water flows and water temperatures have been holding at a steady rate. This has created some of the best fishing I have seen this season Oatka tricking creek. Even though the fishing the last couple weeks has been outstanding. It is still a mid summer Trico Hatch. It does matter how aggressively the trout are feeding there are still going to be very easy to spook. I have been getting away with using 6 X tippits where the waters surface is slightly broken. However when fishing to trout in the flatter, calmer water. I now have to use 7 X tippit to get a clean drift. Even when the fish aggressively feeding, you still need a perfect dead drift for the fly. The flies I have been using are the same group of flies that I have been using all along. The flies are; Trico spinner size 20, red variant size 16 and after the hatch is over I have been having some success with ants and Beatles size 41 to 18.
The Genesee River is in excellent fishing condition too. Even hear the water flows and temperatures are in good shape. The Genesee also has a Trico hatch and the bugs have the same hatching schedule as the bugs on the Oatka. Along with the morning Trico hatch fishing, the Genesee River also has an evening hatch. This bug is a size 10 yellow may fly commonly called a yellow drake I have found that a white wolf will work as good as anything.