Monday, July 6, 2009

Wet Week

This was a wet week for shore, just what we needed. All of our streams and creek are way up. We are going to have good fishing for the rest of the months.

Oatka Creek -- Water flows this week have been at levels that we would expect to see during the spring. Water flows at one point reached a level of over 3.10 during the weekend. Water flows on all of our streams and creeks are now settling back. Water color has also been at what I call moderately murky. These conditions are not ideal for dry fly fishing. However the streamer fishing this past week has been outstanding. This has been an ideal time to hunt for big trout. The trico hatch is just getting started. There is a few trico bouncing around Oatka last couple of days, but not enough to get the fish going. There is also then a morning hatch of a few very small but different mayflies. I know for certain that a few of these were extremely small B W Os, about a size 24. There was also a few other extremely small mayflies that I have not yet been able to identify yet. For now the trout have not been feeding on these small bugs. Water flows have been way too high for the trout to expend any energy feeding on these tiny bugs.

Spring Brook - The sulfur hatch is now all but over. Midges are now becoming more important. Most of these midges are going to be on the extremely small, that is size 24 and smaller. However scuds are always an excellent option along with a size 20 pheasant tail nymphs. Last week my hot fly was a size 12 brown wooly bugger.

Genesee River- the water flow on the Genesee River has finally settled down to a fishable level. Water flows have been to high to fish for about two weeks. This should be a good week of fishing for the Genesee River. The morning trico hatch should be starting soon. Along with this Hatch there is a evening Hatch of yellow drakes, this mayfly is a big bug a size 10. Sense this hatch happens at dusk I usually use a white wolf or a crème variant to imitate this fly.

Note ; Fishing the trico hatch is notoriously very challenging. The flies are small the water is normally low and clear and the trout are now well educated. To be successful fishing this hatch you need to pull all the tracks. I am offering a hatch special for the trico hatch on our local trout streams. We will start fishing around 6:30 a.m. and finish up late morning early afternoon. Obviously this timing will depend on the activity of the trout and bugs. For more information feel free to call the shop at 585-352-4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436.

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