Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Delaware River

This week we did some fishing in the Delaware River. It was good to be backing fishing this river. The Delaware has some of the beast mid summer hatches, of all rivers that I fish. This time we started fishing on the west branch. The water temps are generally better here this time of the year. What I like about fishing the Delaware River this time of the year, is the fishing pressure. There were about 10 people fishing in about 12 miles of river. The hatches are mostly BWO and sculptures size 18 to 20. This is classic fishing for big trout on light tippits. With cast of 30 to 50’ too trout between 14 to 18’’, with a 20’’ fish mixed in. Two day of floating we cover the entire length of the west branch of the Delaware. We found last of wildlife and pods of rising trout feeding on 18 and 20 BWOs. However for us we did not find the big fish this time. The trout we were seeing were between 10 to12”, small fish for the Delaware. The good news is that there is a big year class of trout growing up. The last day there was thunder storms and some of the feeder streams ware bumping muddy water into the river. This gave us an opportunity for some streamer fishing. When streamer fishing on the Delaware River. There is always a chance of catching a monster trout. This is a fish over the 5 pound mark.

The last few days the trico hatch has heavy. If you are waiting to fish the trico NOW is the time to go. The way the weather has been, the bugs are now hitting the water about 7:30 to 8:00 AM. Cool weather makes for a slow spinner fall, extending the fishing opportunities throughout the morning. For flies; trico spinner size 20, red variants size 16, ants size 18 and beetles size 16. If you are having trouble getting the fish to take a trico spinner. Consider trying an ants or a beetle to the same fish. Red variant make a good indicator flies to dropper off a trico spinner from. The only other change is that we have been getting a few fish to take a trico done, when we first start fishing.


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