Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We have just received a little over 3 inches of rain over a five-day time span. Fortunately all of this rain has not flooded all our trout streams. Right now the Catskills Rivers are at the extreme top end of fishable levels. I'm not sure how long the Catskill River will take to come back down. The Genesee River is flowing over the five-foot mark at this time. I suspect water levels for Genesee River to be back to fishable levels by the end of the week. Oatka Creek has also felt the effects from the past rain event. Right now Oatka is flowing at 2.83 which is a nice level for nymph fishing and streamer fishing, however not to high for dry fly fish. I do not expect water levels to rise much more than it has. This blast of water is just what Oatka Creek desperately needed. There is good fishing on Oatka from the trail section on down stream below the park section with this flow of water.

Oatka Creek – The sulfur hatch continues to come off during the evenings with the predictable spinner falls. Along with the yellow bugs there is a series of Caddis that are hatching. Depending on what part of the Creek your fishing expect to see late Caddis in size as 18 to 16, black Caddis size 18 to 20, in the upper sections are still a few chocolate Caddis bouncing around in a size 14. Other fly patterns that are started to become more important are ants in size 16 through 20 and beetles in size 14 and 16.

Spring Brook - Here to the sulfur hatch is also continuing with its normal pattern of hatching schedules. Along with a few size 18 and 20 BWOs and a variety of small midges ranging from size 20 on down to 26. Also the usual collection of pink scuds small streamers a size 12 woolly black or brown buggers are filling out the basic collection of flies. No big secret here all you need to do is show up and figure it out, each day is a little different. This is a normal routine for spring brook.

Genesee River - The bug hatches on the Genesee River has been poor over the last few weeks. I have no answer to why the hatches have been so poor. However the fishing and the fish continue to be good for this time in the year. We are catching more than our share of fish using a variety of a tractor flies and mergers. As ways you will find the larger concentrations of fish near the bridges. For larger fish you need to hike and get away from the bridges and the more popular fishing locations.

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