Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We have been having a series of thunder storm over the past week. This weather pattern will continue through this coming week. We still need the ran. But the problem with thunder storm is they are inconsistent. One area gets pounded and the creeks flooded and the neighboring area does not get a drop. This week is going to be no different, another wet cool week. This is gust what we need. There is nothing better for the mid summer trout streams, than cool wet weather. Even if the water flows become too high to fish for a few days. Mid summer streamer fishing can produce some real monsters. For now the fishing will be starting to go in to a transition period. New bugs a coming.

Oatka Creek – The sulfur hatch is almost over for the Oatka. There may be a few spinner lift, but this will not last long. With the absence of the sulfur spinners, the even fishing will consist of nymphs, small hears ear and scuds small caddis a tractor files. I have found a white variant size 16 work good when the water flow is low. When the flow is up like it is now, a white wolf in size 10 seems to plow the fish up. By now the larger fish are starting the feed on small crayfish, a size 10 or 8 brown wooly bugger can be deadly. The next hatch is going to be the Trico hatch this is a size 20 or smaller black in color mayfly. This hatch is a morning hatch and should be going in a week of two.

Spring Brook - Here the sulfur hatch continues and this hatch should continue for approximately 1 more weeks. Most of the hatches are now coming off late evening, even though there is still a light but sporadic hatch that comes off through the day. As the sulfur hatch slowly winds down, Midges are now becoming more important. Most of these midges are going to be on the extremely small in size, that is size 24 and smaller. However scuds are always an excellent option along with a size 20 pheasant tail nymphs.

Genesee River- The water flow remains high, over the 5 foot mark. This is going on the second week of high water. The high water will insure good fishing for a few more weeks at least.

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