Monday, June 15, 2009

Not much has changed over the week with the trout fishing. The best fishing continues to be late afternoon in to the evening. Consisting of a few Caddis and the sulfur hatch and the following spinner returned. Water flows remain low, care is needed to prevent spooking the fish.

We are experiencing unusually low water flows for this time of the year. Normally our creeks will be flown at this level in late July early August. These low water flows will change how the fish feed and what they will feed on. This does not mean that there is different hatches right now because of the low water, it is just the low water allows fish to feed more efficiently and these particular bugs. For example we have been catching fish in Oatka Creek with manages and small black Caddis size 18 and 20. When Oatka Creek is flowing at the 3 foot mark, it is hard for trout to feed and these bugs efficiently. In other consideration is the low water itself makes the fish more sensitive to their shrouding. As result we have to be more conscious about how we wade the creeks. If you're careless about wading you can easily put the fish down for hours. We now need to almost snake up on the fish to get into casting range. Take care with you wading, and be mindful that the fish may not be feeding on the obvious.

This Saturday there is a spey nation get together at the Pineville boat ramp on the Salmon River at Puiaski NY. This is free for everyone, come and enjoy the day and try out the two headed rods that you have been hearing about. There will be casting demonstrations through the day and manufactures representatives present with their equipment for you to try out. The event starts at 9 a.m. and goals all day rain or shine, bring your Gore-Tex, see you there. For more information go to

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