Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lots of bug

About the photograph -- sulfur dons waiting for a chance returned as spinners. Right now these may flies are everywhere along Oatka Creek.

Even though it was cooler than normal over the last few days the sulpurs continued to hatch. Since it was too cold for these may flies to return back as spinners, the numbers continued to grow over the last few days. All of the vegetation along Oatka Creek has become covered with may flies. When the conditions to become favorable for a spinner return, the spinner returns are going to be massive. To say the least, the sulfur hatch is definitely in full swing. Along with all the sulpurs, gray foxes, much browns and a few blue wing olives and light Caddis are hatching throughout the day. The daytime fishing on Oatka has been consisting of a size 16 sulfur nymph called a yellow back, much brown nymph size 12. For surface action, I have been having my best success with sulfur a mergers and Caddis a mergers when fished in the waters surface film.

Spring Brook now has its sulpurs hatches going. The Spring Brook sulpurs may come off a few times dearing the day. Most days there is a mid day and a evening hatch a long with the evening spinner returns. Lately the fish at Spring Brook have been showing a strong preference for sulfur mergers. That is when they are feeding on the sulpurs. I have had my best success fishing size 18 to 22 black and tan midgets. You need to take some time and carefully observe what the fish are doing. Just because there is a sulfur hatch going on it doesn't main the fish are feeding on these bugs. You can easily get fooled, because the fish could be feeding on either a size 18 blue wing olives or midgets. Remember this is Spring Brook and the fish do not always follow the menu

The upper Genesee River is now on the downside of a high water flow from the past rain event. Over the weekend the water flow was still slightly high and a little off color. However there were still plenty of bugs during the afternoons and with a little persistence you still could be pounded up a few fish. The Genesee River may not have heavy hatches of May flies. However there is definitely large variety of May flies found all along the Genesee River. Right now there is sulpurs, gray foxes, much browns and blue wing olives along with Caddis hatching up and down the river.

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