Thursday, May 7, 2009

Winding Down

I am down to my last week of steelhead fishing for this spring. This past week has been a tough one. The problem is the water flows have and fluctuating almost daily. It tacks about 24 hours for the fish to adjust to the new water flows. Hopefully the wet weather will help to stabilize the water flows. We have bean catching more than our share of fish, but we head to fish smart for theme. The trick is to slow down, keep the fly low in the pool and give the fly a long slow swing there the pool. Give the fly some hang time. To do this we are using 10 to 15 feet of T-14 and T-11 to get the fly down and give it the needed hang time. The fishing still looks good for the next tow weeks there is still a lout of fishing in the fly zones to drop out yet. All I need to do is figure out the fish each day with all the water fluctuations going on. The same flies have been working. We just need to show the fly to the fish the way wants to see it that day.

The rain we are having and hopefully will have next few days, is just want our trout streams desperately need. Water flows have been unusually low for this time of the year. Low water flows right now are a double edged sword. These low water flows give us excellent trout fishing early in the season. However our trout streams could run water by mid summer. Ending the trout fishing earlier than we hoped. As much as some of us may not like it we could use some high water. Besides streamer fishing is a lot of fun and who does not like catching a big fish once in awhile. In the meantime Caddis and BWOs are still hatching on Oatka. Spring brook is fishing as always with a mix of stuff, mages, BWOs and scuds. The Genesee River has a Caddis hatch all through trout fishing sections and there still is reports of the Hendrickson hatch. The Genesee River is one of those rivers that the bug activity will vary depending on where you are along the river. It is best to go prepared and then go with the full.

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