Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Steelhead Fishing For Now

The steelhead fishing this week has been quite a challenge. Constant water flow fluctuations continue to keep the steelhead stirred up. It takes about 24 hours for the fish to acclimate to the water flow change. When we have daily fluctuations, the fish do not have a chance to adjust to the new water flows and the fishing gets tough. Spawning activity is for the most part over, there is however a few male still out still hanging out on the gravel beds. I like to describe these fish as, they haven't figured out that the party is now over. Most of the fishing is centered a round the pools. We are swinging flies in the pools for drop backs. Our most productive flies have been size 4 Brown buggers and medium size intruders.
The trout fishing on Oatka and spring work is moving to long quite well. This has been excellent spring for fishing the Hendrickson hatch. However the Hendrickson's hatch is pretty well over for the year. There is still a week or so of spinner falls but that will be it for the Hendrickson hatch on Oatka Creek for this year. The blue wing olive is the hatch for the next week or so. Blue wing olives can be found on both Oatka and Spring Brook. These may flies are a size 16 this is the largest of all the olives. Within the next two weeks look for evening caddis hatches. Those of you that have not yet had enough of the Hendrickson hatch, should consider the upper Genesee River. You should be able to find two more weeks of Hendrickson is here.

The trout streams are now fishing the bugs are hatching and the fish are feeding. I will be back on the trout streams by May 18. There will be Caddis and still a few BWO around. The sulfur Hatch will be starting sown on the Oatka. The Genesee will be fishing flat out, and of course spring brook is always fishing. This is only the beginning of the trout season. This is a good time for a tune up on your trout fishing skills. We are fishing all of the local trout streams including the upper Genesee River. I will be running a hatch special, this is for the evening hatches on the local streams, Oatka and spring brook. If you are in need if a tune up or you having trouble with a part of your fishing, this is for you. Call the fly shop at 585-352-4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436

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