Friday, May 29, 2009

It has been a while since my last update, sorry. The trout streams are becoming a busy place with bugs and feeding fish. Starting with the local creeks, Oatka Creek, there is a good mix of both may flies and Caddis hatching. For the may flies, gray fox, March Browns and sulfurs are now hatching all up and down Oatka. Add to this black Caddis size 18 and light Caddis size 16. There is also a decent spinner fall happening during the evenings when conditions are favorable. Look for the sulfur hatch to happen from mid afternoon on through the evening. The sulfur hatch and the evening spinner fall will continue to grow in intensity for another week. This hatch will last until late June. March Browns and gray foxes are a mid to late afternoon hatch. There is never a lout of bugs on the water at one time, but the fish are always on the look for these may flies. March Brown and gray fox hatch is a good hatch to pound up a few fish to a dry fly. Do not forget there is always a few Caddis around during the evening hatch.

Spring Brock – There is a sulfur hatch that is growing in intensity daily, hear to. The fish are already feeding steadily on the sulfurs that are hatching. The trout have been showing a strong preference for sulfur a mergers. Along with the sulfurs, the normal Spring Brook stuff has been producing its share of fish. That is midges, pink scuds and size 16 pheasant tail's.

The upper Genesee River is fishing excellent right now. There is a mix of both may flies and Caddis hatching, the big hatch for this season is a light Caddis size 16. It looks like it will be a Caddis year for the Genesee River. Along with a Caddis hatches there is also sulfurs and gray foxes along sections of the Genesee River. Keep in mind there is approximately 30 miles of trout fishing in the upper Genesee River.

The rain over the last few days has freshened up all of the streams and creeks. This rain was desperately needed it, all of our trout waters were becoming dangerously low. Right now the Genesee River has taken a huge spike in the water flow. This should settle back down very quickly.

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