Thursday, May 14, 2009

The End of the Steelhead Run

This has been one of the best and biggest run of steelhead I have ever seen in years. However this did not mean that the fishing was always easy. At times we still had to work hard for bits some days. That is what fishing is about. But on some of these days we still did good, for steelhead fishing standards. What made this year so good. Fist we had a record run of steelhead in all of the river and streams. Plus some of the best water flows I have seen in a long time, Mother nature helped out a lot.
In the fall I start catching the fist steelhead in the Salmon River in early October and by mid October we fishing of them on a daily basis. Last fall steelhead fishing started right on time and catch rate was very good and it stayed that way. The steelhead fishing continued on all of the Western tributaries and rights through the winter. Of course this spring was no disappointment. We enjoyed some of the best steelhead fishing I have seen in 10 years. Excellent water conditions and of course an amazing resurgence in our steelhead runs. What has caused the steelhead runs to improve is actually a true mystery. But it is good to see the fish back. It has been a lot of fun. Time to go trout fishing.
The trout fishing is moving right along. Water flows are ideal for Dry fly fishing. Right now caddis hatches is the action. All of the streams are in the throes of a caddis hatch. This is a light tan colored caddis in size 14 and 16. For now the best fishing will be in the afternoons towards evening. There is no spinner falls for now, but this will change in about two weeks.

The sulfur Hatch will be starting sown on the Oatka. The Genesee will be fishing flat out, and of course spring brook is always fishing. This is only the beginning of the trout season. This is a good time for a tune up on your trout fishing skills. We are fishing all of the local trout streams including the upper Genesee River. I will be running a hatch special, this is for the evening hatches on the local streams, Oatka and spring brook. If you are in need if a tune up or you having trouble with a part of your fishing, this is for you. Call the fly shop at 585-352-4775 or my cell at 585-233-0436

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