Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Everybody has been receiving plenty of rainfall except us. Oatka and Springbrooks water flows are as low as you expect for late August. We need some serious rain. The one saving grace is that we have been having plenty of cold weather. Fortunately the water temperatures are lower than normal for this time of year. The advantage of the cold water temperatures, is it drag out the hatches. For now it is still Caddis on Oatka, however the sulfur hatch will be starting very soon. Until then, Caddis emerges have been very effective dearing the actual hatch. When there is not much bug activity, size 14 bead headed hairs ears, fished either dead drift or on the swing have been producing their share of fish.
There are already rumors of small hatches of sulfur hatches on Spring brook. However the sulfur hatch does not get going in full tilt until the first of June. However the bugs will hatch when they are good and ready to do so. For now there is still a few BWOs and of course do not forget scuds and manages. Fish a size 20 or 22 black are olive manage and when the fishing gets tough size 20 pheasant tail's always seem to produce a few fish.
I have always found a last week of May and the first week in June to be the best two weeks of fishing for Oatka Creek. The best fishing for Oatka Creek is just around the corner.

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