Monday, April 13, 2009

Moving To The Salmon River

It looks like the steelhead run for the Oak Orchard River may be starting to wind down. Most years the run is burned out by water temperatures. But this year it looks like the run will spawn itself out. The water temperatures and water flows are still excellent. However the number of steelheads have dropped off this week. My suspicion is that there will be still be a few fresh female steelheads moving into the Oak over the next week. The fishing is now going to become a little less consistent, some days you will have to hunt for a fish or two. And other days the steelhead will seem to be everywhere. Obviously you will have to just go and fish the river and see what happens. At this point concentrate your fishing efforts and the heads of the pools and the fast water or just above the pools. We have been having our best success with swinging wooly buggers, in colors of black and silver, bunny flies in white and a little rainbow streamer has been taking its share of fish.

Oatka Creek water flows continue to drop and the levels are now at an ideal fishing level. The state has recently stocked the portion of Oatka Creek that we refer to as the Trail, this section the Creek still is a ideal starting point. It is getting close to the time for the Hendrickson Hatch. The trail section of Oatka Creek, is generally where you find the first of the hatch. This past week has been relatively cool, this has most likely held off the hatch for a few days. If this coming week warms up a little bit more the hatch should start. If there are no bugs on the water try fishing size 12 and 14 hare ears nymphs. Right now the Hendrickson nymphs are active in the fast water. During the warmest part of the day both bugs and fish will be active here.

This week is moving week for me. I am now moving to the Salmon River to continue fishing for steelhead. The fishing is normally about two weeks behind the Oak Orchard River. Now it is the Salmon River's turn. The Salmon River has been receiving excellent runs of steelhead from mid-October until now. There is most likely a near record run of steelhead in the Salmon River right now. All these fish are waiting for water temperatures to warm up enough to start spawning. I am definitely expecting a great spring of steelhead fishing on the Salmon River this year. I still have a few excellent days available if you would like to experienced the fishing this spring.

This spring's Oak Orchard Rivers run of steelhead is one of the best that I have seen in over 10 years both in water conditions and the numbers of fish. This spring steelhead run started approximately 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The fist week of April is normally the best week of steelhead fishing on the Oak. This year the fishing peak the second week of march. Every spring is different and this spring is no exception. Warmer than normal March temperatures allowed water temperatures at the Oak to warm up into the low 40s. Weather conditions persisted and the water temperatures held. This caused a nice drawn-out long run of steelhead fishing. It is good to see the good old days of steelhead fishing back on Oak Orchard River once again. Hopefully this will be a trend that continues on into the future. Here are a few photographs from last spring.

NOTE: I have April 19 for the Salmon River is still open. April is spawning time and there louts of steelheads in the upper river waiting to spawning. I also have May 5, 6, 7, and 9, 10 open. May is the best month of the whole year for fishing with sink tips and a swinging fly to steelheads. If you have any questions feel free to call my cell. 585-233-0436 or call the shop at 585-352 4775.

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