Sunday, April 26, 2009

I know it has been a while, but I have been busy fishing. The steelhead fishing continues to be outstanding, despite the changing conditions. When conditions change, it often changes fast and considerable. Within 24 hours water flows dropped from 1800 CFS to 750 CFS. As a result water temperature also took a flyer, water temperatures jumped almost 5 degrees this is a big jump for the Salmon River. The warm spell has finished melting all the snow along the upper reservoir. We are now going to be dependent on rainfall and the water temperatures will quickly rise in to the low 50 s. I give the spawning activity about one more week and the spawning will wind down. As always with changing conditions so is a change in opportunities. The warming water temperatures are going to help fire up the drop back steelhead. With the reduced water flows it will be easier to get the flies down with sinking lines. Spey rods and swinging fly in the pools will soon become the top producing technique. I have not been finding too many drop back steelhead in the lower river yet. With the receding water flows and rising water temperature this will quickly change. For now most of these fish have been in the fly fishing zones, on down river to Pineville. Productive flies have been the Rader bugger, Mr. Rubber legs, stone fly nymph. There has been some afternoon nymph drifts. When this happens you can hardly keep a stone fly nymph in the water.

The in land trout streams, water flows and water temperatures for Oatka Creek have been ideal. As a result Oatka Creek has been having an excellent Hendrickson hatch over the past week. Even though it has been cold this last week, the bugs have been hatching. With this warm spell, there has been spinner falls during the evenings. If you cannot make the afternoon Hendrickson hatch, you can always catch a spammer fall during the evening. It is getting close to the time for the second hatch of the season. This Hatch is a may fly size 16 blue wing olive, these are the largest olives of the season. But olive hatch can be just as big of a deal for catching fish as the Hendrickson hatch.

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