Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The fishing on Oak Orchard River continues to hold up despite fluctuating water flows and clearing water. There has been a fair amount of rain all around the area, however the rain fall has missed most of the Oak Orchard River watershed. If the Oak does not get a good shot of rainfall soon water flows are going to drop and stay that way. Water temperatures have been hovering in the mid to upper 40 degrees remarked. Today the water temperature finally reached 46 degrees, fortunately the water temperatures have been remaining stable. The best fishing lately has been located in the fast water. This is where most of the active fish are and where the spawning has been taking place. Fishing the pools lately has become more challenging because of all the suckers. Fish the pools with egg patterns and nymphs and the suckers will eat you up. I'm talk about a sucker on almost every other cast. You will have to catch about 15 suckers before you would have a steelhead takes, fortunately most of the suckers are still in the pools.
The female steelhead continue to trickle in slowly, this is extending the fishing. Along as the water flows remain good, we should have a other two weeks of good steelhead fishing to go. Productive flies have been size 6 black and silver woolly buggers, little rainbow streamer's size 2, Montana nymphs size 8 and 6. When the fish become fussy try fishing with smaller nymphs and egg flies just beware of the suckers.

Note I April 7 8 9 has opened up for the Oak Orchard. This is prime time, sight fishing or swinging a fly. April 16 17 19 20 26 for the Salmon River is still open. April is spawning time and there louts of steelheads in the upper river waiting to spawning. If you have any questions feel free to call. 585-352-4710 or call the shop at 585-352 4775.

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