Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Bit of a Challenge

Even though there has been a record run of steelhead for the Salmon River. This does not guarantee that you will have easy fishing. Steelheads are going to be steelhead and river conditions do fluctuate. This past week was no exception. Fluctuating water flows and hot weather, has made fishing a challenge. Starting with the water conditions, water flows have fluctuated from a low of 750 CFS back up to 1800 CFS and now back to 1100 CFS. This is a surprise, as I thought the snow runoff was over and the river flows were going to continue to drop. Water temperatures have finally stabilized in the low to mid 50 degree range. There still a lot of steelheads, still hanging around the gravel. With these water temperatures, the spawning activity is winding down. We are still catching fish gravel with black and silver woolly buggers, Mr. rubber legs, and during the mid part of the day we are having really good success fishing stone fly nymphs. The drop back fishing has definitely picking up. We are now finding drop back steelhead all through the river system. As always, drop back steelhead fishing is a coverage game. The more river you fish through the more bites you will have. Because of the recent high water we are using very aggressive sink tips and flies tied on aluminum and brass tubes.

The in land trout streams continue to fish very good. The Hendrickson hatch for Oatka is now starting to wind down. There will still be a few small hatches of Hendrickson's that carry on for another week or two. During the evenings there is also a Hendrickson's spinner falls for a next two weeks. For daytime fishing activity, there is going to be a consistent hatch of blue wing olive this is a size 16, in addition there will also be that small sporadic hatches of Hendrickson’s, you may also find a blue wing olive hatching on spring Creek try fishing this fly in size 16 and 18.

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