Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spawning Time

Despite the cooler air tempers the water temperature has held up surprisingly well. We will have to see what the up coming rain will do to all the streams and rivers. I do not think the rain will cause to mush trouble with the Oak Orchard River. As for the smaller streams and creeks, a good shot of rain is what's needed to rejuvenate the fishing. The water temperature is 44 degrees, ideal for spawning. This means the steelhead can be any where there is gravel and a good flow of water over it. We now have ideal conditions for sight fishing for steelhead. The water clarity on the Oak Orchard River is what we referred to as a heavy staying. A mixed blessing for sight fishing, the water color can make it a challenge for spotting fish. However the off color water acts as cover for the fish, helping to keep the steelhead comfortable and active. The best fishing is happening from morning to mid afternoon. Once good light is available groups of steelhead are being found on the gravel beds from the bottom of the turbine channel on down river. By mid afternoon most of the spawning activity has wound down and most of the steelhead have retreated to the various pools. Productive flies for fishing around the gravel beds in the morning are woolly buggers, egg sucking Leach's, little rainbow streamer. Fishing the pools try egg patterns and large stone fly nymphs, if the suckers become too much of a nuisance try swinging woolly buggers or bunny flies.

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