Monday, March 23, 2009

Salmon River

Spent the last three days fishing the Salmon River. The water flow was on the high side, about 1800 CFS and the water is still clod. The water tempers are ranging from 33 degrees to a high of 37 degrees. These conditions will continue for at least two more weeks. There is still a lot of sown in the woods and along the river bank, yet to melt off. Time will tell how fast the snow will melt off this spring. Basically this is normal conditions for late march on the Salmon River, about tow to three week behind the Oak Orchard River. As for the steelhead fishing, there is a lot of fish spread out from the DSR all the way up the river. The largest concentration is in the upper river throw the fly fishing zones. The fishing was slow this weekend with the fluctuating water temperatures and the increase water flow on Friday. Because of these conditions the most productive technique right now is bottom bouncing nymphs and egg patterns. Last weekend the steelhead were showing a preference for egg patterns that represented leached out salmon eggs.
The fishing conditions for Oak Orchard River, has moderated over the past weekend. Water flows have continued to come down and water color continues to slowly clear. The water temperature has fallen back in to the upper 30 degree range from a high of 42 degrees. This 42 degree water temperature did trigger a few steelheads to start spawning. However with this drop in water temperature, the steelheads have put the spawning activity on temporary hold. As soon as water temperatures get back into the lower 40s they will returned to their spawning beds. For productive flies, stay with egg patterns and large nymphs for fishing the pools. When fishing in the riffs and runs try fishing with woolly buggers, bunny flies, large wet flies and streamers.

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