Monday, March 9, 2009

Rain And High Water

Form Saturday noon on, we have had a lout of rain. As you can guess, all of the creeks and river are now muddy, and over there backs. This time around, the rain and high water is not all that bad. There is no snow to melt off and keep the water temperature ice clod. The water temperature is now in the mid to upper 30s and if the weather helps possibly the 40s. The water temperature in the smaller creeks, are way warmer than the lake’s water temperature this will plow the steelhead in. There should be a good run of steelhead coming in on this high water flow. The smaller creeks are now going to fish will, as son as the water drops. Look for spawning fish if the water temp is 40 or above.
As for right now the way the weather forecast is looking we are going to have a few more days of rainfall. Once the rain stops, it is going take three to four days for the smaller streams and creeks, just to come out of the fields. After the water comes down, it will take a few more days for the water color to clear up.
Oak Orchard River, here we have some good news, yes the Oak is extremely high and muddy, unsafe and productive for fishing right now. The good news is all those relatively 40 degree warm rain, has helped to remove a lot of ice from the reservoir. Once the ice is clear from the Oak Orchard River reservoir, water temperatures will have a chance to improve. Until the ice is gone it is almost impossible for water temperatures to rise much above 34 degrees. The way the ice on the reservoir is looking and the weather forecast for this week, I suspect most of the ice will be gone by the end of the week. We are in for a parade of wet weather, this means we will be fishing in some high off-color water flows. With decent water temperatures these water conditions should not be an issue.

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