Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Taste Of Spring

The warming trend over the last few days has melted off most of our snow cover. As a result all our streams are now flooded. Starting with Sandy Creek, the water level is in the fields, and it is a mix of muddy snow runoff and large sheets of ice. It will take a few more days for the ice to clear out and the water level to come back down. We should have a chance to start fishing Sandy by early to mid next week. Oak Orchard River is also high to fish, however the ice is not as much of an issue. Because of the reservoir it will take at least a full week for the Oak’s water clarity to clear up before it is fishable. This round of high water is what we need to get the fishing going once again.

The Salmon River has not been affected by this warming trend as of yet. The water flow remains the 735 CFS at least for the rest of this week. Reports from the DSR continued to be very good. This means the Salmon River is still receiving a steady flow of new fish almost on a daily basis. There is a lot of fish in the upper portion of the river in all the main pools. Some days the bite is slow and you may have to wait the fish out. This warming trend might have a factor on the water flows for the Salmon River. If you intend on fishing the river, it would be wise to check on water flows before making the run. Most productive method recently is dead drifting stone fly nymphs. Egg patterns are still productive, the steelhead are showing a strong preference for egg patterns in pink and blue.

There will be a fly tying demonstration at Coleman's fly shop on this Saturday, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. this is free to everyone so come and join in. This week's fly tying subject will be flies patterns for late winter early spring on Oatka and Springbrook. If you have any questions the fly shop number is 585-352-4775

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  1. would it be possible for a post on modifying spey lines?. I have a rio windcutter on a tfo 12 ft 6 in rod. The head of the line seems to long to load the rod. would cutting it and adding skagit cheaters be the answer and if so how much do should be cut. Thanks, and great website. Eric