Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter Is Here

The canal water is over now. We are once again dependent on rain and snowfall for our water flow. The Oak Orchard River's water flow has dropped off slightly since the canal water has ran out. However the water is still flowing at a moderate level which is good for fishing. With all the rain and snow we have been receiving, I suspect water levels are going to remain good for a considerable time in the future. Both brown trout and steelhead are spread out through the pools from the dam on down. The fishing has not been anything overly exciting, however if you are willing to fish hard and cover several pools you will find the fishing is best described as a slow pick. Productive flies for the Oak Orchard River are nuclear roe bugs in colors of oregon cheese and orange, estaz egg in colors of chartreuse and butterscotch. For the slow water try fishing with white bunny flies and woolly buggers in colors of white, brown and black.
The water flow at Sandy Creek is moderately high with a slight stain color to it, this is a excellent fall water for Sandy. Too bad we can't get this water flow in early November. Water temperatures for Sandy Creek have been fluctuating from a low of 34 to a high of 38 degrees, depending on weather conditions. As for now, there is a few fish scattered throughout the Creek. However trying to find these fish is not easy. We need to cover a lot of water in hopes of intercepting one of these fish. Productive flies for Sandy Creek have not changed much, your favorite egg flies in size 8 and 10 fished under strike indicators have been the most productive.

A great Blue Heron fishing on the Sandy

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