Thursday, December 11, 2008


The rain that we received over the past few days, December 8-9 has given all of our streams and rivers a good shot of water. Water flow for the Oak Orchard River has come up to a medium-high flow with about 2 feet of visibility. This increase in water flow should draw in a new batch of steelhead from the Lake. Water temperatures right now have been fluctuating between 34 to 38 degrees. With water temperatures this cold, water visibility will need to be approximately 1 1/2 to 2 feet. The general rule of “foot” that I use is that I can see my foot in about knee-deep water. Flies for the Oak, nothing much has changed despite increased a more flow. Stay with your favorite egg patterns and streamers.
Genesee River has been fishing on the slow side until now. With the rainfall past few days, water levels have come up above productive fishing levels. The way things look I suspect it will be about two weeks before water levels drop back down into production fishing levels.
Sandy Creek has had an increase in water flow earlier this week. Water color is still off but the levels are okay for fishing. If you are interested in fishing Sandy, do not expect much and concentrate your efforts in the pools. The big key for Sandy is to cover as much water as possible and hope for a steelhead or two.

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