Thursday, December 18, 2008

Icy River

Sandy Creek is starting to ice up for up for the winter. There is still some open water in the upper part of Sandy, however water and ice conditions can change daily depending on whether. The most productive fishing has been at Oak Orchard River. Water flows for the Oak have been fluctuating around a moderate flow with decent water clarity. Not much has changed with the Oak, fish the pools. There is still a decent amount a Brown trout spread out through the pools, with a few steelhead mixed in. Most of the Brown trout are now down river in the deeper slower pools. For now we are catching more Brown trout than steelhead, this will change once water flows increase. We are catching most of our fish for last few days and the deeper slower pools. Productive flies are white bunny flies and egg patterns in the usual colors of chartreuse, Oregon cheese and orange. The Genesee River remains high in on fishable. The way the river is looking down River I do not expect the Genesee to be fishable for at least a couple more weeks.

Winter fishing tip -- obviously daring the winter water temperatures are extremely cold. It is not on the usual to have water temperatures on the liquid side of 32 degrees. With extreme cold temperatures like this any raise in temperature even so slightly that you cannot detect it, is still going to help. Even though there may be a quick bite at first light. I will often for go this and fish from midmorning to mid afternoon, concentrating on fishing efforts on the warmest part of the day. Most days fish will start a slow but steady bite around 9 a.m. and this will continue in till somewhere around 3:30 p.m. by late afternoon the light is coming off the water and we are cold and pretty well covered with ice, deftly time to call it a day.

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