Tuesday, December 30, 2008

High water

The warm weather and ran over the last few days as definitely done a number on the rivers and streams. If you have not already guessed it, everything is flooded. The good news is that water flows have pretty much crested and is already starting to settle back down to a good fishing level. With weather patterns turning back to normal freezing temperatures this will help to speed the process up. The water may have spoiled some fishing plans his week. However this blast of high water is just what is needed to keep the winter fishing going. Before the high water hit Oak orchard river was fishing quite well for this time of the year. Oak Orchard river has received its legendary but limited Christmas run off Coho salmon. Plus the normal mix of Browns and steelhead. Hopefully we will be able to get back to fishing by possibly the end of the week. Sandy Creek has already started to settle back down from this past high water event. The way Sandy is looking right now I would give Sandy about three to four days.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Icy River

Sandy Creek is starting to ice up for up for the winter. There is still some open water in the upper part of Sandy, however water and ice conditions can change daily depending on whether. The most productive fishing has been at Oak Orchard River. Water flows for the Oak have been fluctuating around a moderate flow with decent water clarity. Not much has changed with the Oak, fish the pools. There is still a decent amount a Brown trout spread out through the pools, with a few steelhead mixed in. Most of the Brown trout are now down river in the deeper slower pools. For now we are catching more Brown trout than steelhead, this will change once water flows increase. We are catching most of our fish for last few days and the deeper slower pools. Productive flies are white bunny flies and egg patterns in the usual colors of chartreuse, Oregon cheese and orange. The Genesee River remains high in on fishable. The way the river is looking down River I do not expect the Genesee to be fishable for at least a couple more weeks.

Winter fishing tip -- obviously daring the winter water temperatures are extremely cold. It is not on the usual to have water temperatures on the liquid side of 32 degrees. With extreme cold temperatures like this any raise in temperature even so slightly that you cannot detect it, is still going to help. Even though there may be a quick bite at first light. I will often for go this and fish from midmorning to mid afternoon, concentrating on fishing efforts on the warmest part of the day. Most days fish will start a slow but steady bite around 9 a.m. and this will continue in till somewhere around 3:30 p.m. by late afternoon the light is coming off the water and we are cold and pretty well covered with ice, deftly time to call it a day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


The rain that we received over the past few days, December 8-9 has given all of our streams and rivers a good shot of water. Water flow for the Oak Orchard River has come up to a medium-high flow with about 2 feet of visibility. This increase in water flow should draw in a new batch of steelhead from the Lake. Water temperatures right now have been fluctuating between 34 to 38 degrees. With water temperatures this cold, water visibility will need to be approximately 1 1/2 to 2 feet. The general rule of “foot” that I use is that I can see my foot in about knee-deep water. Flies for the Oak, nothing much has changed despite increased a more flow. Stay with your favorite egg patterns and streamers.
Genesee River has been fishing on the slow side until now. With the rainfall past few days, water levels have come up above productive fishing levels. The way things look I suspect it will be about two weeks before water levels drop back down into production fishing levels.
Sandy Creek has had an increase in water flow earlier this week. Water color is still off but the levels are okay for fishing. If you are interested in fishing Sandy, do not expect much and concentrate your efforts in the pools. The big key for Sandy is to cover as much water as possible and hope for a steelhead or two.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter Is Here

The canal water is over now. We are once again dependent on rain and snowfall for our water flow. The Oak Orchard River's water flow has dropped off slightly since the canal water has ran out. However the water is still flowing at a moderate level which is good for fishing. With all the rain and snow we have been receiving, I suspect water levels are going to remain good for a considerable time in the future. Both brown trout and steelhead are spread out through the pools from the dam on down. The fishing has not been anything overly exciting, however if you are willing to fish hard and cover several pools you will find the fishing is best described as a slow pick. Productive flies for the Oak Orchard River are nuclear roe bugs in colors of oregon cheese and orange, estaz egg in colors of chartreuse and butterscotch. For the slow water try fishing with white bunny flies and woolly buggers in colors of white, brown and black.
The water flow at Sandy Creek is moderately high with a slight stain color to it, this is a excellent fall water for Sandy. Too bad we can't get this water flow in early November. Water temperatures for Sandy Creek have been fluctuating from a low of 34 to a high of 38 degrees, depending on weather conditions. As for now, there is a few fish scattered throughout the Creek. However trying to find these fish is not easy. We need to cover a lot of water in hopes of intercepting one of these fish. Productive flies for Sandy Creek have not changed much, your favorite egg flies in size 8 and 10 fished under strike indicators have been the most productive.

A great Blue Heron fishing on the Sandy