Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tough fishing

The fishing on Sandy Creek has been very challenging this week. Water flows are as low and clear as they were last fall. Sandy had a little rain and a slight increase in water flow last week and a few Browns moved up river. But this did not last long, and Sandy dropped back down. At the level Sandy is flowing now most of the Brown trout are reluctant to leave the estuary. The few Browns that are working their way up river are scattered far and wide. As a result we are forced to cover a lot of water every day to find a few fish. The Brown trout that we are finding are mostly large males. Large male Brown trout can be challenging to get them to eat a fly. Often all these big Browns want to bite on is each other.
On the bright side, I have high hopes that the wet weather that is supposed to come this weekend will raise the water flow on Sandy. This will trigger a good run of Browns. The reports that I am getting is there is a lot of fish activities at night in the estuary. It is also time for the female Browns to start running. With the addition of the female Browns this will help to settle down the male Browns and both groups should go on the bite.
Oak Orchard River remains extremely busy. The fishing pressure on the Oak this time of the year has always been intense, this past week has been no exception. The Genesee River is at an ideal fishing level and it is time for the typical Genesee River steelhead runs. There are plenty of salmon by the falls, and a few steelheads scattered about the rest of the river. Productive flies have been, egg patterns in colors of orange, Oregon cheese, butter-scotch, white bunny flies size 6 and 4 for the Genesee River.

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