Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cold Weather fishing

The cold weather that came in over the weekend is having a major effect on the fish. Water temperatures are still dropping, as a result the bite has slowed down. The rapidly cooling water temperatures have put the fish in to a temperature shock. It will take a day or two for the fish to settle down and go back on the bite once the water temperatures stabilize. Hopefully the water temperatures will not be so cold that fish go to a winter pattern of sitting in the pools and waiting for warm water temperatures. There is still a lot of Brown trout yet to come into the rivers. Sandy Creek has been affected by this cold snap more than any other of our rivers. Right now the water temperature in Sandy Creek is at 38 degrees and dropping. This is cold enough to stop the spawning activity. We will need a few days of above normal temperatures to warm the water back up so the Brown trout can finish their spawning.

Oak Orchard River is faring a lot better when it comes to water temperatures. The reservoir on the Oak is acting as a heat source and has lessened the effect of the sharp drop in water temperature. The fishing pressure on the Oak has lightened a bit this week which is fortunate for us. Even still most of the fish activity does not start until late morning early afternoon. Until conditions change the best approach is to think of our rivers and streams as though they are in a winter fishing condition. Concentrate your fishing efforts in the pools and slowdown and fish these pools methodically. The Genesee River has been fishing well for steelhead and the remainder of the Chinook salmon run. The wet weather that came through last weekend left a lot of rain in the southern part of the state. As result the Genesee River is too high to fish for now. Hopefully in a week or two water levels will come back down and we may resume fishing the Genesee.

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